Terms And Conditions

  1. The art shall be used for the 2022 Aquent Annual Talent Calendar, and may also be used for other promotional materials at Aquent's sole discretion.
  2. You agree that Aquent has the right to accept or reject any submission without showing cause at Aquent's sole discretion.
  3. By submitting art, you grant Aquent a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, license to:
    • reproduce said art and associated textual description (in whole or in part) in print, electronic, social media, and other media without prior or additional consent; without payment or compensation;
    • modify for sizing, transmission, or distribution of your submission without prior or additional consent; without payment or compensation;
    • use your name and biographical information in connection with the art being submitted, without any payment or compensation.
  4. You warrant that:
    • the art being submitted is original art created by you and does not violate any copyrights, or other intellectual property rights;
    • the art being submitted is not subject to any third-party intellectual property rights;
    • the art being submitted does not belong to an Aquent client.
  5. The copyright is retained by you and Aquent may not grant use of the art to third parties.
  6. You accept the Art Release associated with this calendar.