Soho Café | Stephen Ladner | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Soho Café

Digital Photography
Stephen Ladner—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I started my photography journey in the 1970s as a fashion photographer in NYC. I approached the work with the conscious intention, as an artist, to produce something beautiful. And I saw beauty in everything. People and things became elements in a visual story that expressed who I was. I believe that my photographs are self portraits in the sense that they are a reflection of what I feel, what I think, and what I see. The experience that I capture exists by what I choose to see and feel. In this moment as a photographer and artist, my intention is still to define my reality and vision with the choices I make in the moment with the camera's eye.

私は1970年代にニューヨークでファッション写真家として写真の道を歩み始めました。私は、アーティストとして、何か美しいものを作りたいという意識を持って仕事に取り組み、あらゆるものに美を見出してきました。人や物は、私という人間を表現するビジュアル・ストーリーの要素です。私の写真は、自分が何を感じ、何を考え、何を見たかを反映したものであるという意味で、セルフポートレートであると考えています。 私がカメラに写すものは、私が見たり感じたりするものを自ら選択することによって成り立っています。写真家、アーティストとして活動する目的は、カメラを通して自分がその瞬間に行う選択によって、私の現実とビジョンを定義することです。




Dreams of the Future World | Maja Bertole Jeras | London, United Kingdom
Dreams of the Future World

Maja Bertole Jeras—London, United Kingdom

I love to imagine a world where everything is possible.





Reflections on a Budapest Street | Lisa Goldfarb | Los Angeles, California
Reflections on a Budapest Street

Oil on Canvas
Lisa Goldfarb—Los Angeles, California

About this painting: I was in Budapest during the September 2006 anti-government protests which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. It was a bit nerve-racking to be caught up in potential violence and in the midst of angry protesters. Looking down on the rainy sidewalks I reflected on how history repeats itself, just like the seasons and the fallen leaves.

About me: I’m a Los Angeles-based fine art portrait and landscape painter utilizing my love of color, observation, energetic brush work, and empathy to capture a sense of person, animal, or place. I do a lot of dog paintings!






Lake Drive | Bruce Agababian | Detroit, Michigan
Lake Drive

Acrylic on canvas
Bruce Agababian—Detroit, Michigan

Now is the time to fulfill what I’ve always wanted to do, paint landscapes. I have photographed subject matter on my motorcycle tours around the country, but never committed those pictures to paint. I’ve been a Graphic Designer / Art Director for the last 40 years and I’ve decided now is the time to pursue my dream.





White Horse Evolution | Dan Buchan | Sydney, Australia
White Horse Evolution

Dan Buchan—Sydney, Australia

Dan is a Graphic Designer with over 12 years of experience. Along with running his own design business, he’s worked for a number of advertising agencies and design studios, as well as in-house for companies throughout Australia. Dan gains his inspiration from getting off the beaten track and traveling into the unknown, nature, texture and layers, vibrant colour, and the ’60s and early ’70s eras.





My Comfort Zone | Gina Robertson | Atlanta, Georgia
My Comfort Zone

Acrylic paint done with Q-tips and fingers
Gina Robertson—Atlanta, Georgia

I like to draw, illustrate, and paint as often as I can. I mainly paint from memory and love to express myself in art. It’s named “My Comfort Zone” because I feel the most like myself when I have a paintbrush in my hand. I am a military wife with four beautiful kids as my inspiration, and they are my biggest support system.

私は絵やイラストを描くことが好きで、できる限りの時間を割いています。主に記憶を頼りに描いていて、アートで自分を表現するのが好きです。絵筆を持っているときが一番自分らしいと感じるので、「My Comfort Zone」と名付けました。私は軍人の妻であり、4人の美しい子供たちが私のインスピレーションの源であり、彼らが私の最大のサポーターです。




Cheeky Boy | Katie Lively | Sydney, Australia
Cheeky Boy

Digital artwork using Procreate and Photoshop
Katie Lively—Sydney, Australia

Under the influence of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, my work often explores the beauty of nature. I’m particularly drawn to Australia’s bounty of unique flora and fauna. ‘Cheeky Boy’ is a bold and bright personality I simply couldn’t resist. Messy, unruly, and incredibly noisy, yet so charismatic and full of life. Cheers to the unmistakable cockatoo!

私の作品は、60年代、70年代、80年代の影響を受け、自然の美しさを追求しています。特にオーストラリアのユニークな動植物に惹かれます。Cheeky Boyは、私にとってたまらなく魅力的な大胆で明るい性格の持ち主です。乱雑で手に負えずとても騒がしいけれど、とてもカリスマ的で生命力に溢れている。紛れもないオウムに乾杯!




Go Next | Natsumi Tsuchida | Osaka, Japan
Go Next

Digital Illustration (Adobe Photoshop)
Natsumi Tsuchida—Osaka, Japan

Natsumi Tsuchida is an award-winning illustrator based in Osaka. Her love is drawing people, landscapes, and buildings using both digital and analog tools.

Natsumi Tsuchidaは、大阪を拠点に活動する、アワード受賞歴のあるイラストレーターです。デジタルとアナログの両方を駆使し、人物、風景、建物を描いています。




The Saints | Scott Erwert | Portland, Oregon
The Saints

Acrylic on canvas
Scott Erwert—Portland, Oregon

My work is a strange mix of observation, pop culture, historical references, free association and being open to where mistakes may lead. It's like the feeling of being inside of a David Lynch film, where you are drawn into the emotion of a non-linear narrative and have to find your own meaning. There’s a connection there or something that draws you in. It’s my job to create that connection through paint and the 2D surface. Sometimes it reveals itself quickly and organically; most times it’s a struggle that takes time and hard work to pull out the connection and uncover the soul of it. I want to share with the viewer the progress of this struggle in my paintings. My process usually involves sketching plein air to capture the physical place or moment, then bringing those studies into the studio to edit, simplify, and sometimes deconstruct. I utilize my sketchbooks and mediums, which can be used to capture thoughts or moments quickly: graphite, colored pencils, watercolor, and gouache. Paintings based on these studies generally involve the use of acrylic, oil, and sometimes collage. Final paintings are executed on canvas or custom wood panels. I also build custom wood framing for many pieces, which adds to the personalized story I‘m telling.

私の作品は、観察、ポップカルチャー、歴史、自由連想、そして間違いを受け入れ導かれることが奇妙に混ざり合っできています。それは、David Lynchの映画の中にいるような感覚で、物語の感情に引き込まれ、自分で意味を見出さなければなりません。そこには何かつながりを感じ、引き込まれるものがあります。私の仕事は、絵の具や2Dを通してそのつながりを作り出すことです。時にはそれがすぐに明らかになることもありますが、ほとんどの場合は、つながりを引き出し、その魂を見出すために時間と努力を要する闘いです。私は、この格闘の経過を絵を見てくれる人と共有したいと思っています。 普段の制作プロセスは、物理的な場所や瞬間を捕らえるために現地でスケッチを行い、それをスタジオに持ち込んで編集し、シンプル化し、時には解体します。スケッチブックと黒鉛、色鉛筆、水彩、ガッシュなど、思考や瞬間を素早く捉えるのに適した用具を使用します。これらの絵画には、一般的にアクリル、油彩、そして時にはコラージュを使用します。最終的な絵画は、キャンバスやカスタムウッドパネルに描きます。また、多くの作品では特注の木製フレームを製作しており、私が語る物語をよりパーソナルなものにしています。




Scheveningen | Brian Frank | The Hague, Netherlands

Digital Photograph
Brian Frank—The Hague, Netherlands

I am an award-winning freelance photographer, retoucher, and educator from Des Moines, Iowa that moved to the Netherlands. As a photojournalist, I photographed for Reuters and The New York Times and am in the process of re-releasing my book, "Fight Night," which explores mixed martial arts in Iowa. My work has been seen in publications around the world and displayed in galleries in New York, Minneapolis, and Des Moines. Currently, I am working as a commercial photographer in the fashion industry in Amsterdam.

私は、アメリカのアイオワ州デモイン出身のフリーランス写真家、レタッチャー、そして教師です。昨年オランダに移住しました。フォトジャーナリストとして、ロイターやニューヨーク・タイムズに写真掲載し、現在はアイオワ州の総合格闘技をテーマにした写真集「Fight Night」を発売しています。私の作品は世界中の出版物に掲載され、ニューヨークやミネアポリス、デモインのギャラリーにも展示されています。現在は、アムステルダムのファッション業界で商業写真家として活動しています。




Decompression | Xavier Divoux-Cailleres | Paris, France

Adobe Illustrator
Xavier Divoux-Cailleres—Paris, France

I am a French senior Creative Lead Designer and Digital Artist based in Paris. I have always seen the world around us as an assembly of colors and shapes, and this basic approach to perception is the very essence of my artistic work.





December | Roya Adel | The Hague, Netherlands

Digital illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
Roya Adel—The Hague, Netherlands

Reindeers, pine trees, and snow. That's what December is to me.




Inside the City | Sarah Ghanooni | Seattle, Washington
Inside the City

Acrylic paints digitally enhanced with Photoshop
Sarah Ghanooni—Seattle, Washington

From an early age, I would look through the art books and be captivated by the colors and movement within the pictures. Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso were artists who inspired me and influenced my impressionistic style. I work with a variety of materials, but mainly I use my photography by putting it to canvas and incorporating acrylic paints to bring the photos to life. I take inspiration from traveling and discovering colors, nature, dance, architecture, and music within every place I explore. With everything I do, I have always been drawn to bold colors and bright lights, which is evident within my work. Through the brushstrokes of paint, I can express what I cannot always say.

幼い頃から、アートの本を見ては絵の中の色や動きに魅了されていました。モネ、ゴッホ、ピカソからインスピレーションを受け、私自身の印象派のスタイルにも影響しています。私はさまざまな素材を使いますが、主に写真をキャンバスに貼り、アクリル絵の具を取り入れて写真に命を吹き込みます。 私は旅行からインスピレーションを得て、散策するあらゆる場所で色や自然、ダンス、建築、音楽を見い出します。私はいつも大胆な色と明るい光に惹かれてきました。それは自分の作品からも明白です。言葉では言えないことを、絵の具の筆使いによって表現できるのです。




Autumn Reflection | Thomas Sobol | New York, NY
Autumn Reflection

Thomas Sobol—New York, NY

Just a moment from earth’s most colorful season.

Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature shows off.

Inspired to share nature’s beauty with everyone.







Bridge Leading Home | Richard Chandler | New York, NY
Bridge Leading Home

Oil on linen
Richard Chandler—New York, NY

I'm powerfully drawn to both the art of cityscape and that of landscape. While my paintings remain rooted in literal reality, they also reveal unseen forces that are continuously exerting themselves against the fixed boundaries of observed forms. Buildings undulate, skies and sidewalks are wildly dappled, and perspectives seem to head toward some extraordinary other-worldly denouement. Yet it all holds together in good order. Normal business is transacted without fuss or anxiety. The rhythms of nature continue to unfold in their timeless cycle. Figures, in fact, are not the least bit exercised by the cosmic forces electrifying their environments. A key message here: there is a relentless urgency to life, whether or not one feels it. For a moment, the veil is parted, and the hidden vibrancy animating the world is revealed.

私は、都市景観アートと風景アートの両方に強く惹かれています。私の絵画は、文字通りそのままの現実に根ざしていますが、観察された形の固定化された境界に対して、絶えず力を及ぼしている目に見えない力をもつまびらかにします。建物は波打ち、空や歩道はひどくまだらになっていて、視点は異常とも言える異世界の結末に向かっているようです。にもかかわらず、それはすべて順調にまとめられています。通常の出来事は、大騒ぎするわけでもなく不安もなしに実行されるのです。自然のリズムは、時代を超えたサイクルの中で展開し続けています。実際、物事はその環境に衝撃を与える宇宙の力によって少なからず動かされているのです。 伝えたいメッセージ:人がそれをどう感じるかどうかにかかわらず、人生には容赦なく切迫した状況が訪れます。ひとたびベールが開かれると、世界に活気を与えていた隠された鮮やかさが明らかになるのです。




Unicell | Xavier Divoux-Cailleres | Paris, France

Traditional and digital painting (Gouache and charcoal on paper + graphic tablet and optical pen on Photoshop)
Xavier Divoux-Cailleres—Paris, France

The human eye perceives the surrounding world by processing a matrix of colors and shapes. However all may not be what it seems at first sight. I use this in a modern approach combining traditional and digital painting to allow my work to be viewed from both near and far, the subject appearing from or disappearing into the abstract.

“From macro to micro we are all the same, all different.”






Cambria Sunset | Lori Berezin | Santa Monica, California
Cambria Sunset

Lori Berezin—Santa Monica, California

I captured this moment as the sun slipped into the sea along Cambria’s Moonstone Beach, combining my passions for nature, color and photography amid California’s charming Central Coast.





Serenity | Lisa Greenleaf | Nashua, New Hampshire

Acrylic paint
Lisa Greenleaf—Nashua, New Hampshire

Lisa Greenleaf is an award-winning author/illustrator, graphic designer and fine art artist. She grew up in New England, where she was inspired by the many sights, sounds and the love of the ocean and white mountains. At a very young age she discovered her passion for design, drawing and painting, which helped her develop and harness her many gifts, talents and insights. Lisagreenleaf.com

リサ・グリーンリーフは、受賞歴のある作家/イラストレーター、グラフィックデザイナー、ファインアート・アーティストです。ニューイングランドで育った彼女は、そこで数々の景色、音、そして海と白い山々への深い愛にインスパイアされました。幼い頃にデザイン、ドローイング、ペインティングへの情熱を見い出し、その経験は、彼女のさまざまな才能、洞察力を発展させるなど今に活かされています。 Lisagreenleaf.com




Mojito Madness | Monica Edwards | Orange County, California
Mojito Madness

Oil on canvas panel
Monica Edwards—Orange County, California

Monica Edwards spent most of her life as an infographic artist. For the last 20 years she has found her joy in plein air and scene paintings. She most recently had a show of her works at the Hilbert Museum in Orange, CA. Monica’s work can also be found in large retail stores and in the summer Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, CA.

モニカ・エドワーズは、人生のほとんどをインフォグラフィックアーティストとして過ごしてきました。これまで20年間、彼女は戸外制作(plein air)と背景画に喜びを見出してきました。近年、カリフォルニア州オレンジ郡のヒルベルト美術館で作品展示を行いました。モニカの作品は、大型小売店やカリフォルニア州ラグナビーチで開催される夏の芸術祭でも見ることができます。




Enroute Mars | Lakshmi Venkatesh | Santa Clara, California
Enroute Mars

Digital art
Lakshmi Venkatesh—Santa Clara, California

"Every step on the Earth felt like a step off it, closer to Mars, or something fantastic..."

The artwork is a part of a series dedicated to a few prestigious U.S. parks, based on the emotion that each place evokes. Souvenirs and photographs may remind the viewer of the beauty, but I want to transport the viewer to the magical journey that one experiences in these captivating places.

「地球上のすべての一歩は、地球から遠ざかり火星に近づくような、何か素晴らしいものへの一歩のように感じた...」 今回のアートワークは、それぞれの場所が呼び起こす感情に基づいて、有名な米国の公園のために捧げられたシリーズの一部です。お土産や写真は見る人に美しさを思い出させるかもしれませんが、私はこれらの魅惑的な場所で体験する魔法の旅に、見る人をいざないたいと思います。




American | Brian Frank | The Hague, Netherlands

Brian Frank—The Hague, Netherlands

My family just moved to The Netherlands from the US. I am a photographer, retoucher, and educator.





Eyes | Loni Thompson | Sydney, Australia

Digital illustration
Loni Thompson—Sydney, Australia

I am a Sydney-based illustrator, artist, and graphic designer, working in a combination of traditional and contemporary mediums. I aim to create a connection to the natural world through a sense of curiosity and wonder. My work is shaped and inspired by the nuances in every subject in both the built and natural world and explores the hidden details that are often overlooked.