Submit Artwork

Who's Eligible?

As a current user of MyAquent, you can submit up to three pieces of artwork you’ve created. Not yet registered? Sign up!

What type of artwork is accepted?

You may submit up to three pieces of your original artwork. Since we only use fine art in the calendar, commercial art (e.g., websites, examples of interior designs, print collateral, etc.) will not be considered. Please use your best judgment as you upload your artwork. Remember, your audience includes clients and creative professionals.

All entrants are responsible for the legal and ethical integrity of their submissions. Any artwork that includes images belonging to another entity (e.g., logos, trademark characters, products, etc.) will also be disqualified due to copyright issues.

Please read (and agree to) the complete Terms and Conditions.

What file formats are accepted?

Your work must be submitted in RGB color and in either JPG or PNG format. Your file must also be at 72 DPI, a maximum width of 1000px, and no larger than 16MB. Don’t forget to include a title to ensure the best possible representation of your piece. (Please be sure to keep a high resolution CMYK file of your artwork handy, as we’ll need it if your piece is chosen for the calendar.)

Submissions are now closed.

Aquent will be responsible for choosing the final images to be included in the printed calendar. You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image from this website without the artist's written permission. All images created by our artists, either electronic images or hardcopy images, artworks, product and web design, shown on this website or elsewhere, are the property of the artist. The artists hold copyright and intellectual property rights for all of their artworks and designs and use is strictly prohibited without express written permission of the artist. Please contact if you would like to request permission to use any of the artwork posted in our gallery.