About Us

At our core, Aquent is about helping companies adapt to change and find new ways to stay competitive. We offer a broad range of services to our clients including temporary and contract-to-hire staffing, employer of record, studios, and web application development. Aquent also invests in training our talent, through webcasts and digital classes, to ensure we provide our clients with high-end creatives and web experts who are ready to work. We’re proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise with an elite status achieved by only 1% of certified MBEs. Find out more about our services at aquent.com.

Our Vitamin T division was built to provide ad agencies and mid-sized companies with the best digital creatives on the planet. Since we’re massively nerdy fans of creative, this sort of thing comes naturally to us, which means our clients get hand-picked talent perfectly suited to their business, and our talent get freelance and temp-to-hire opportunities that don’t make them want to wash their eyes out with hand sanitizer. Win-win! Visit us at vitamintalent.com.

Aquent will be responsible for choosing the final images to be included in the printed calendar. You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image from this website without the artist's written permission. All images created by our artists, either electronic images or hardcopy images, artworks, product and web design, shown on this website or elsewhere, are the property of the artist. The artists hold copyright and intellectual property rights for all of their artworks and designs and use is strictly prohibited without express written permission of the artist. Please contact aquent@aquent.com if you would like to request permission to use any of the artwork posted in our gallery.